CRO Fitness Offerings

Individualized Training

Would you like a Coach who spends time helping you be the best you?  We’re up for it!  You can train at our facility, at home or at a local park.  Whatever your goals, we will help you be a safe, functional, ever-improving version of who you are today!

We generate a functional plan for you, based on your unique goals, genetics, experiences, and needs!

Remote Programming

Need help figuring out how to keep it interesting? Prefer to workout at home but need help keeping your workouts interesting and functional? Don’t have time for a gym membership? Try out remote programming to achieve your fitness goals.

Or maybe you do have a gym membership, but want to maximize your time there.  Let’s go!


Personalized nutrition template built just for you.  Whatever your goals, we’ll help you determine what aligns best with your needs and unique physiology.

Advanced Nutritional Planning

Training for a sport? Have a special event coming up? Want to go beyond the basics?  We’ve got you covered! We will design a full nutrition plan to optimize your goal.

Wellness Coaching

Do you have your fitness and diet figured out but still can’t seem to breakthrough? We’ll help you evaluate the deep-down, “why” and “how.”  Let’s explore your environment and habits together to determine the best plan to help you achieve your best!

Facility Outfitting

Need some inspiration determining how to get the best possible workout in your unique space? Whether you’re building a new fitness facility, want to turn that spare garage bay, basement, or storage shed into something functional, or just want help figuring out how to maximize your workout options on a budget, we’ve been there!

With unique Engineering and Fitness backgrounds, CRO Fitness experts can work with you and provide CAD drawings, product recommendations, and will even help you build & install new equipment!

Functional Fitness Classes

Are you a business, corporate campus, school, or entity looking to bring some motivation to your members or staff? Studies show that a healthy workforce is happier, and more productive.  Whether through functional fitness, ergonomics or mobility let’s talk about how we can bring wellness to you and your cadre!

“If people doubt how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore.” – Michele Ruiz

Let’s make something beautiful together.

Or, if you’re ready: