Meet CRO Fitness!

Coach Erin

Hello! My name is Erin Oggier and I am one of the personal trainers at CRO Fitness.   I started my health journey back in 2006 when I graduated Culinary School at Pennsylvania College of Technology.  After gaining my freshman 15 I was at my heaviest.  In 2010 when I married my husband, I truly started to fall in love with health, nutrition, and fitness.   I received my Personal Training certification through ISSA in 2012.  Throughout the years I have helped clients reach their goals through group classes, one on one training, mobility, and nutrition, along with guiding them through their fitness journey. I am currently working on achieving my CrossFit™ Level 1 certificate and creating gluten-free recipes that are delicious and nutritious.

Erin specializes in:

  • Working with women who are starting out their fitness journey and who would like a positive body image.
  • Pregnancies/ postpartum (and Moms of all stages)
  • Increasing mobility.
  • Athletes who have past injuries or pains.
  • Creating healthy meals and recipes regardless of dietary needs or wants.

Coach Joe

Hey Variants!
I Loki didn’t see you there. What do you want to know? I am an open book 🙂 I started being serious about my fitness journey after recognizing my eating habits were…sort of antiquated, and my body didn’t feel the same way it did when I was a teenager! I began working with a personal trainer back in 2006 and started loving the journey.

I initially received my credentials as a Certified Fitness Trainer and as a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition through the International Sports Sciences Association. After being mentored by a few Coaches, I picked up my YMCA Group Fitness and Wellness Certifications. And as I spent some time overseas in the US Army, my unit XO decided I’d make a good Company Master Training NCO.
During our OEF tour, I was able to rack up over 250 volunteer hours coaching a joint force CrossFit Affiliate in Kuwait; as Command allowed me the opportunity to travel for my CrossFit Level 1. So, we built out our personal space in Zone 6, what is today: CrossFit Arifjan!

I’d spent a decade and a half as a Mechanical Engineer in Product Development, but through internal discovery decided it may be a good time to dedicate myself to my passion and the pursuit of leaving the world better than I found it.
So, what do you say? Can I help you be a better you?

Joe Specializes in:

  • Making terrible Dad Jokes and obscure Marvel references
  • Strength and Conditioning and Aerobic Capacity
  • Sports-specific performance optimization (especially amongst High School and Collegiate Athletes, as well as Train-Like-Fight Unit readiness)
  • OCR
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Longevity and Life-quality “BioHacking”
  • Making fitness fun!
  • And more!

If you’re interested, we’ve added a bit of chaotic backstory as to how we got here (in our blog area). Check it out!

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