Expanded Services and Offerings Menu

Hey there!
– We’ve decided to add this Expanded ‘Menu’ of our services. It’d be almost impossible to list all of the opportunity we have to help you be the very best you. Most of these are embedded within our packages and services, though not expressly written out!


(If you are interested in something not listed here, just ask!)

  • Functional Fitness Training, including:
    – Strength & Conditioning
    – Plyometrics
    – Metabolic Conditioning and Monostructural Cardio
    – Body Weight Training
    – Weight Training: Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting
    – Odd-object Conditioning
    – Physiological weakness training and ‘balance’
    – Agility training
    – Speed and Endurance Development
    – 10 GPPs
    – Muscular & Connective Tissues Adaptation
  • Mobility
    – Active and Passive Stretching
    – End-range isometrics
    – Variable-range contraction
    – Tack and Floss
    – BFR
    – Percussion & Compression Massage
    – Self-therapy
    – Capacity through functional range of tissue
  • Pre Workout Warmup & Post Workout Cool Down
    – Catered to the day’s; adjacent and subsequent days’ stimuli

CRO Fitness LLC
Parent Company

Recommended Experience Timeline
2-6 months for preliminary results

Personal Blueprint,
Wellness Development

Recommended Duration
12+ Months

  • Nutritional Guidance
    Dietary recommendations, including:
    -Macronutrient breakdown
    -Micronutrient analysis
    -On and Off-day planning
    -Vacation and travel planning
    -Food type and quantity analysis
    -Food sensitivities and tolerance exploration
    -Weight (or) body mass management
  • Supplementation Consulting
    -Especially utilizing genetic screening
    (23andMe, FoundMyFitness)
    -Bloodwork, such as InsideTracker
    -BioTrackers, such as Whoop
    -Develop a plan to bring body to homeostasis and improve wellness and recovery with off-the-shelf, safe, and organic supplement options.
  • Mindfulness
    – Practice being in ‘control’
    – Habit-forming and positive mindset
    – Tools to work through high stress and anxiety
    – Learning circadian rhythms and environmental considerations
    – Journaling, and similar tools