History, Location and Hours

Manheim, PA 17545
717/ 292.8734

Our History

CRO Fitness started as a hobby amongst Joe & Erin and their friends. Little by little, we started training with friends, family, neighbors, and the word got out! We were asked why we didn’t do this for a living? And to be honest, we thought our careers were our future.

Fast forward to the Pandemic and as life changed for everyone, we found ourselves with a unique opportunity to re-invent ourselves. Initially, we attempted to get into the fitness-product industry and designed, engineered, prototyped, and beta tested a cold immersion tub for recovery via cold therapy. To our credit, that market came alive at this time! To our chagrin, we weren’t able to compete with incumbent industry that had the production budget and we had some trouble convincing investors.

So, what’s the logical next step? Let us use over 2 decades of experience coupled with some pretty unique backgrounds, certifications in fitness, wellness, and health. The exploration of a ‘better self’ has become a passion of ours, and we’ve learned that the journey to optimization is quite complex! So, let us do the heavy lifting while helping you to be a better you!

If you’d like to know more about Joe and Erin individually, check out our profiles page here:
Meet CRO Fitness!

“Joe and Erin are great, the varying routines make it fun and interesting. They are natural teachers and its obvious they love passing on their extensive knowledge. How to eat better, how to maximize training and learning about the latest gear and gadgets, is all part of the experience.”

Brian S.