Operational Updates

Greetings Variants!

We wanted to take a brief moment to inform you of some recent updates to our business model. In ongoing efforts to best serve our clients and community while simultaneously making certain we can continue to put food on our table, the following changes are underway:

  • Free Consultation Appointments are limited, as Erin will be the only Coach available during the business day.
  • Joe’s coaching availability will be limited, as he transitions to mostly remote programming and specialty consultations. (Long story short, Joe’s getting back into the workforce and will have a day job).
  • It is our mission, on an ongoing basis to meet our community needs. More and more we see that fitness isn’t a priority–as it should be. And as much as we wish there was a ‘magic pill,’ well…that magic pill is exercise (to help in areas ranging from joint and local pain–knee, back, neck), to weight management, to improvement of biometric stats, to achievement of aesthetic goals and longevity, to increases in sleep quality, quality of life and energy, or just ‘feeling better’ altogether!
    • AS SUCH, we have reduced all of our plan pricing.
      As always, if you need any help achieving your goals in such a way that it does not interfere with your pocketbook, please reach out!
      We sincerely believe everyone needs fitness, and will work with you no matter your situation (we’ve been there too!)
    • We’ll have a blog post here soon on the real costs of healthcare (medical sick-care) versus achieving and maintaining fitness! We think you’ll be surprised…

Yours in fitness, Coaches Joe & Erin

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