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Individual Services are available, or can be combined in many ways! Check out our pre-packaged options for your convenience.

Fitness Training

  • Personally developed plan that’s developed with you and your background.
    We take everything into consideration: your historical fitness experience, current health and any limitations, environmental factors, and ultimately, your GOALS!
  • Access to a private, clean, fully-equipped training facility and your own personal coach.
  • Constant contact: reach your coach beyond gym-hours for ongoing needs.
  • Clean towels
  • Off-street parking
  • Water and fitness-inspired refreshments
  • Premium members have access to our Sauna and Cold Therapy Tub (book in advance)
  • Showers available
  • Options for in-person, remote (via Google Meet/ Zoom) coaching, and individualized fitness programming.
    [We recommend 2-3 in-person Coaching sessions per week and complement your program with 2-3 at-home fitness programming days!]
  • If for any reason, you cannot attend a session (in-person or virtual), you will be credited that session to ‘make up’ at a later date of your choosing.
  • In-person and virtual coaching sessions can be substituted with fitness programming for reasons such as: vacation or business travel, holidays, or family-time!
Training Options Weekly Pricing
In-Person Coaching2x / week150
3x / week200
5x / week325
Virtual Coaching2x / week120
3x / week150
Fitness Programming5x / week + Active Recovery Days45
HybridIn-Person 2x + Virtual 3x250
In-Person 2x + Programming 3x165
In-Person 3x + Virtual 2x300
In-Person 3x + Programming 2x200
Virtual 2x + Programming 3x125
Virtual 3x + Programming 2x150
* Discounts available for Military/Veterans, First Responders, and Educators
Subscription terms available: weekly, monthly, or annual.


  • When coached in-person: access to mobility equipment, including: Theragun, Normatec Compression, Sauna, Cold Immersion Tub, Foam Rollers, Various Mobility Balls, Scrapers, Voodoo Bands, and Active Recovery + Mobility Sessions
  • Recommendation for mobility/recovery equipment and tutorials on how to use them effectively
  • Coaching on proper posture, ergonomics, and workstation evaluation
  • Programming to enhance conditioning pre-workout and recovery post-workout for more effective fitness sessions. This will also help reduce delayed muscle soreness and inflammation and help get you back to your normal routine, OR back to the gym sooner!
  • Rest-day programming to ensure you’re not getting stiff and have the best chances to recover fully, while feeling your best!


At times, and seemingly almost as polarizing as politics or ‘how to raise your children,’ Nutrition/Diet can become extremely contentious! We like to remove that contention as best possible. When you begin to engage with most dieticians, they have a philosophy or method already picked out for ‘what’s best for you,’ or what they’re most familiar with or seem to believe is best…

Here’s our philosophy: let’s make your approach work for you! We’ll tweak here and there and optimize where we can, but we’re not going to tell you that you should eat a certain way. That’s not our style. Over time, we’ll learn what helps you to perform and focus on gradual improvement where it makes sense! Want to eat mostly fruits and vegetables, great! Want to eat mostly meat? We can do that too! Intermittent fasting, keto, you name it. We can work with and build your plan to suit your unique needs and special palate!

  • Option 1: Let us breakdown your macros and calorie count and plan for training days versus rest days. We can also be flexible around travel, holidays…any contingency, and we’re only a quick email, text or phone call away. That’s our promise to you.
  • Option 2: We work within your individual needs (and practitioners if relevant) to build you a more complex plan. For those of you who don’t want to be bothered ‘figuring it out,’ we’ll figure it out for you!
    NOTE: this isn’t the default option in our packages. If you’re interested, please contact us, and we’ll put together special pricing for you; as this takes a lot more in-depth approach than just providing you with guidelines 🙂


Bottom Line Up Front: Supplements are just that: supplementary to an otherwise healthy lifestyle. You will not out-vitamin a bad diet or poor joint health! HOWEVER, especially for those of us working to peak our physical wellbeing, as well as those of us looking to build longevity and stack the deck in our favor, there’s always a bit of room to optimize.

But where to start? Should you be taking fish oil? CBD? Joint support? Multivitamins? Nootropics?
We’ve compiled years of research, data, experience, and learned from experts to figure out how to navigate the wide world of dubious claims and claims not evaluated by the FDA… and we’ll help you figure out what’s actually going to work with your specific needs and biology. But make no mistake: if you are in need of a plan to ‘fix’ or fill-in gaps that can otherwise be corrected with some lifestyle intervention, we’ll recommend that first!

Please Note: if you’re only interested in a Supplementation consult, we charge a one-time fee; please contact us to schedule. If you package supplementation with any other service, we will work with you on an ongoing basis to evaluate and re-evaluate your needs, and this can be purchased through our subscription page!


Building resilience and helping you recognize and work through ‘mind traps,’ and self-created adversity:
A lot of the time the barrier to ‘get started’ on a new program or self-improvement initiative is between the ears. It’s not easy to navigate, and that’s for very good reasons. You’re battling evolutionary biology. We can help with that. By helping you recognize your worth and power, we help you help yourself!

This program complements pretty much all of our other programs, in that: it helps you learn how to use the power of thought to test your newfound limits, strengths, and personal improvement.


This specialty program is for those looking for an edge. Any edge. Trying to reach that ‘next level,’ or find a way to get past your plateau (strength/conditioning/speed/precision/weight-loss/aesthetics, you name it)? We’ll coach you in the best ways we can to break past your limitations. This is a very individualized approach in that we work together to develop plans, and execute them based on your mental, emotional, psychological, and physiological uniqueness.

Even if your goal is just to be friendlier to people, we can help with that! 😉

Please Note: if you’re only interested in a Personal Optimization Consult, we charge a one-time fee; please contact us to schedule. If you package optimization with any other service, we will work with you on an ongoing basis to evaluate and re-evaluate your needs, and this can be purchased through our subscription page!

Habits Coaching

Habits. We all have them. Some are good, some not so good…some neutral! If you have a particular vice that’s bringing you down, we can help with that by managing expectations and building accountability. OR! If you have a particular habit that would help make you better, but you’re having trouble getting started and making it stick, we can help with that too!

The big “secret” is to show you the positive results of your efforts. Now that the secret’s out, let us know if you’d like some help with that!

“The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well.”

– John D. Rockefeller Jr.

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